Why you should join the Bit Better Book Club

Hello, welcome to Bit Better Book Club.

Starting in 2019, we'll read one book every 2 weeks.

Each book will be chosen from the collected recommendations of startup founders, tech pioneers, indie makers, and other inspirational figures (including yourself!).

We'll ease into the year with short ones, and move onto the heavy stuff by the end.

26 books in one year might sound like a lot, but it won't be once you build a habit of reading.

Here's why I started it and why you should join:

Since you're reading this, I don't think I need to convince you that reading is fun. However, for me, reading seems like a puzzle that has a missing piece.

Have you ever finished a book and had a feeling that it was so awesome that you need to discuss it with someone? Maybe you were not sure about some parts and needed more clarification? Or you simply did not like that book and couldn't understand why is it so popular?

Discussion about a book is that missing piece that can make the process of reading much more fulfilling. In this Club, our goal is to make reading a social activity. We want to support and motivate each other to read even more We want to give each other great recommendations for the next reads.

We believe that every person can bring fresh perspective to the given topic based on their experience and that's what makes the discussions about the books so much fun.



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