What is The Bit Better Club?

It's an online book club. Once every 2 weeks we read one of the books most recommended by startup founders, tech pioneers, and indie makers.

Will all the books be about tech?

Nope, a few will be, but there'll also be plenty of other non-fiction, including books on self-improvement (the good kind), science, sociology, and psychology.

How are the books chosen?

The books will be chosen from the collected recommendations of startup founders, tech pioneers, and indie makers.

Not all these books are suitable for a book club; some are reference books, some require an in-depth knowledge of differential calculus, some are just weird and will put people off.

So, instead, we'll be reading a carefully curated selection of the books listed on this site. Starting the year with shorter books, and moving onto heavier stuff towards the end.

I've already read one of the books, so...?

At some point in the year, you might need to skip one of the books. This will probably happen to everyone at least once. For that reason, there will be a set of bonus books that we'll read and discuss throughout the year.

Some people are super fast readers and might want something extra, the bonus books are for you too. They've been chosen with various levels of difficulty in mind.

One book every two weeks!?

Hell yeah. It's a lot, but it won't be once you get into the habit.

However, if you know you can't manage one book every two weeks, there's a solution for you—the books will alternate between:

—important books on habit building, psychology, and business.


informative but fun!
—popular science, sociology, and everything else.

For example, the first book this year will be Atomic Habits by James Clear, followed by Surely, you're joking Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman .

If you can only manage one book a month, you can pick your path.

Where do the discussions take place?

The main hub for discussion is here:

The Bit Better Club — Discourse

How does this site make money?

All the links to books on this site are Amazon Affiliate Links.

Clicking on these links takes you to Amazon. If you buy something, even if it's not the linked book, The Bit Better Club gets a small percentage—at no cost to you.

You're not in any way obligated to use these links to buy the books, but doing so does support this endeavor—so please do!

Note—the Bit Better Club cannot collect your personal data on Amazon, nor would we want to!

Who can join the Bit Better Club?

Anybody with an email address.


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